Ganesha And Lakshmi


The one thing that no one should miss in Diwali is to worship Ganesha and Lakshmi together. Diwali festival is celebrated for the peace and prosperity of family in every moments of life. It is considered that Lakshmi is deity of Wealth and Ganesha is emblem of knowledge and intelligence. So, On this festival of lights, peoples wish to bring lights in each and every corner of their families life. So, Lord Ganesha and Lord Lakshmi are worshiped together to summon prosperity which can be acquired from knowledge and intelligence.

In Hindu, we all know that everything gets started after worshiping Lord Ganesha first. It is believed that worshiping Ganesha removes all the obstacles in the way and brings smoothness on the task going on.

Likewise, Lord Lakshmi is worshiped with pure heart and inviting her to visit their homes, as it is believed that Lakshmi visits every single houses on the nights of Diwali to fulfill the family with prosperity, wealth and love.


According to Hindu Purana, there is a story why Lord Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped together on the day of Diwali.

Once there was a conversation between Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu and the Goddess of wealth seemed very much arrogant for her power to bestow everyone with affluence and prosperity. The scriptures explain that she grew so very much big-headed about herself that Lord Vishnu had to think for a way to let her be generous even if she is powerful. She got into a fierce conversation of self-praise and started thinking that she is the wealthiest of all and she is the one who bestows upon all the wealth to people. Lord Vishnu did not find it good enough for her to be so much self-centered. As a result of this, her husband Lord Vishnu decided to find a way to make her realize her mistake.

In a very benevolent tone, Lord Vishnu said that, it does not matter if a woman has all the wealth; she is incomplete if she does not have the blessing of a child. Since, Goddess Lakshmi does not have a child, this pinched her very much. He said that, is only the happiness of bearing a child that completes a woman and wealth does not play any role in that. This made Goddess Lakshmi very disappointed. She thought of going to Goddess Parvati, with a heavy heart, to get help from her. She asked Parvati to let her adopt one of her children. But, Goddess Parvati was not willing to give any of her children because she knew that, Lakshmi does remains in a stable form at one place. This will make her child to suffer as Lakshmi would not be able to take proper care of the child. Upon this, Goddess Lakshmi gave her the assurance that in every possible way she will try to take proper care of the child and give him all the happiness possible.

This convinced Goddess Parvati and taking cognizance of the pain of Goddess Lakshmi, she allowed her to adopt Ganesha as her son. On this, Goddess Lakshmi became so very much ecstatic and promised that she will take all the care of Ganesha and whosoever will worship Goddess Lakshmi have to worship Ganesha first. Wealth cannot be acquired without acquiring knowledge and intelligence. And, people will not be able to get the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi without worshiping Lord Ganesha.

So, As Lord Lakshmi felt incomplete without Lord Ganesha. The wealth itself isn’t going to fulfill ones life to peace and prosperity. There should be adequate knowledge and intelligence in spending the wealth. So, People should never forget to worship Lord Ganesha before the Lakshmi Pujan at  the time of Diwali.

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